Yeastar P-Series Software Edition

Release date: October 28, 2021

New features

Remote Management
The Yeastar P-Series Software Edition can be remotely connected to Yeastar Central Management in a secure channel, which allows your device provider to manage and maintain the PBX system.
For more information, see Remote Management Overview.
Jabra Headset Integration
Added support for Jabra Headset integration with Linkus Web Client to answer, hold, reject, or end calls, manage the volume and mute the microphone directly, thus realizing easy and flexible call control.
The supported Jabra Headset series are listed below:
  • Jabra Evolve Series
  • Jabra Pro Series
  • Jabra Biz Series
  • Jabra Speak Series
  • Jabra Engage Series

For detailed configuration about the integration, see Jabra Headset Integration Guide.

Improvements and bug fixes

Auto Provisioning
  • Added support for the following IP phones:
    Vendor Phone model
    • X2/X2P
    • X2C/X2CP
    • X3S/X3SP/X3G
    • X4/X4G
  • Added support for auto provisioning the following vendors' IP phones via RPS:
    • Fanvil
    • Htek
    • Snom
    • Gigaset

    For details about the supported phone models, see Auto Provisioning - Supported Devices.

Added new Announcement setting Play "Thank You for Your Patience" Prompt. If enabled, the system will play a prompt of "Thank You for Your Patience" to callers periodically while the caller is waiting in a queue.
Custom Prompt
Optimized Custom Prompt capacity.
Up to 128 custom prompts are supported on the Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.
DHCP Server
Fixed the DHCP Server issue: When the PBX Dual Ethernet mode was enabled, DHCP server failed to start properly.
Call Report
Fixed the statistics issue of queue report: The statistics of answered calls, missed calls, and abandoned calls were incorrect.
Call Forwarding
Fixed the Call Forwarding issue: When the No Answer destination of external call was set to Play Greeting then Hang up, the system didn't play the prompt but hang up directly instead.
SIP Trunk
Fixed the issue that the SIP trunk didn't work if the outbound proxy value was different from the trunk domain or IP address.