(30020) uaCSTA Call

If an extension is registered on an IP phone, and the uaCSTA feature is enabled, the PBX will send an event report to the third-party application when the extension is ringing, or when the extension answer or refuse a call by uaCSTA feature.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX's serial number.
msg Object<uaCSTA_Info> The detailed information of the uaCSTA calls.
Parameter Type Description
operation String The operation that is executed.
  • call_start: The extension is ringing.
  • call_answer: The call is accepted using uaCSTA feature.
  • call_over: The call is hung up or refused using uaCSTA feature.
extension String The extension number that is controlled using uaCSTA feature.
call_id String The unique ID of each uaCSTA call.
Note: When the uaCSTA feature is enabled, the system will automatically assign a uaCSTA call ID to each call.
ip_address String The IP address and SIP port of the IP phone where the extension is registered.

Report example

Extension 2000 receives a call on the registered IP phone.