(30016) Inbound Call Invitation

If a trunk is monitored, when an inbound call comes from the monitored trunk, the PBX will send an inbound call invitation report to the third-party application.


You have enabled the Control Inbound Call feature for the desired trunks. For more information, see Enable Yeastar P-Series Software Edition API.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX's serial number.
msg Object<Call_Info> The detailed information of the calls.
Parameter Type Description
call_id String The unique ID of each call.
members Array<Members> A list of information for different types of members during the call.
Table 1.
Parameter Type Description
inbound Object<Inbound_Info> The information of the inbound calls.
Table 2.
Parameter Type Description
from String The caller number.
to String The callee number.
trunk_name String The name of the trunk that passes the inbound call.
channel_id String The call channel ID of each member during the call.
member_status String The current call status of the member.
  • ALERT: The caller who initiate the call is in the ringback state.
  • RING: The callee is in the ringing state.
  • ANSWERED:The call initiated by the caller has been answered.
  • ANSWER: The callee has answered the call, and is in the talking state.
  • HOLD: The call is held.
  • BYE: The call is hung up.

Report example

An inbound call from external number 5503301 is sent to extension 2002.
    "type": 30016,
    "sn": "3631A2124XXX",
    "msg": "{
                 "call_path":" "