(30005) Organization Status Changed

When the organization feature status is changed, the PBX will send an event report to the third-party application.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX's serial number.
msg Object<Org_Info> The current status of the organization feature.
Parameter Type Description
org_status Integer The feature status organization.
  • 0: Disabled.
  • 1: Enabled.
show_root_org String The feature status of show root organization.
  • 0: Hide the root organization.
  • 1: Show the root organization.
sn String PBX's serial number.

Report example

The organization feature is enabled, and the root organization is displayed.
    "type": 30005,
    "sn": "3631A2124XXX",
    "msg": "{"org_status":1,"show_root_org":1,"sn":"3631A2124XXX"}"