(30025) Agent Auto Pause

When an agent was automatically paused due to reaching the maximum number of missed calls, the PBX sends an event report to the third-party application.

Report parameters

Table 1.
Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
msg Object<Detailed_Info> The detailed information.
Table 2.
Parameter Type Description
queue_number String Queue number.
agent_number String The extension number of the agent who has been automatically paused.
calls Array<Call_Info> The list of accumulated missed calls.
Table 3.
Parameter Type Description
caller_number String Caller number.
call_id String The unique ID of the call.

Report example

An agent was automatically paused due to missed calls.
  "type": 30025,
  "msg": {
    "queue_number": "6402",
    "agent_number": "2010",
    "calls": [
        "caller_number": "5003300",
        "call_id": "1713151497.32"
        "caller_number": "5003301",
        "call_id": "1713151475.26"