(30012) New CDR

When a call is ended, the PBX will send the CDR to the third-party application.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX serial number.
msg Object<Call_Details> The detailed information of the call.
Parameter Type Description
call_id String The unique ID of each call.
time_start String The time the call was made or received.
call_from String The caller's number.
call_to String The callee's number.
call_duration Integer The time between the call started and the call ended.
talk_duration Integer The time between the call answered and the call ended.
src_trunk_name String The call was received via which trunk.
dst_trunk_name String The call was sent out via which trunk.
pin_code String Trunk pin code.
status String Call status.
  • ANSWERD: The callee answered the call.
  • NO ANSWER: The callee didn't answer the call.
  • BUSY: The callee number is in busy state.
  • VOICEMAIL: The callee didn't answer the call, and received a new voicemail.
type String Call type.
  • internal: Internal call.
  • inbound: Inbound call.
  • outbound: Outbound call.
recording String The name of the call recording file.
did_number String The number that the caller dialed.
agent_ring_time Integer The ringing duration before the agent answers the incoming call. (Unit: Second)

Report example

Extension 2005 calls extension 2002.

           "time_start":"2022-04-27 19:04:36",
           "src_trunk_name":" ",
           "dst_trunk_name":" ",
           "pin_code":" ",
           "did_number":" ",