(30007) Extension Registration Status Changed

When the extension registration status, including the registration status on SIP endpoints and Linkus UC Clients, is changed, the PBX will send an event report to the third-party application.


You have enabled the Registration Status Monitor feature for the desired extensions. For more information, see Enable Yeastar P-Series Software Edition API.

Report parameters

Table 1.
Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX's serial number.
msg Object<Ext_RegInfo> The detailed information of the extension registration status.
Table 2.
Parameter Type Description
extension String Extension number.
kind String The endpoint where the extension is registered.
  • Sip: SIP endpoint, including IP phone, softphone, etc.
  • Mobile: Linkus Mobile Client.
  • Desktop: Linkus Desktop Client.
  • Web: Linkus Web Client.
  • Pad: Linkus Pad Client (SDK).
status String The registration status of the extension.
  • Registered: The extension is registered/logged in.
  • Unregistered: The extension is unregistered/logged out.
registered_ip String The IP address of the device where the extension is registered to.

Report examples

Extension 2010 logs in to the Linkus Mobile Client.
    "type": 30007,
    "sn": "3631A2124XXX",
    "msg": "{"extension":"2010","kind":"Mobile","status":"Registered","registered_ip":""}"
Extension 2008 logs out from the Linkus Web Client.
    "type": 30007,
    "sn": "3631A2124XXX",
    "msg": "{"extension":"2008","kind":"Web","status":"Unregistered","registered_ip":""}"