View a Default Auto Provisioning Template

The default template of different models contains different parameters, you can view what configurations are included in the default template. This topic describes how to search and view a default template.

Background information

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides various default templates for each supported device. Devices of different models may share the same template. For example, the template YSDP_YealinkT5xS of Yealink applies to Yealink T52S and T54S.
The value of default template
The default template contains general settings that are pre-defined based on device model. There are two types of parameter value in the template: variables and absolute value.
  • Variables: Variables are attributes to which various values can be assigned. A variable starts with {{., and ends with }}. For example, {{.PhoneWebLanguage}} means a variable of Phone Web Language setting. The phone web language varies on each phone according to specific phone configuration.
  • Absolute value: Absolute is a fixed value that applies to all devices that use this template. For example, features.dtmf.hide_delay = 1 means setting the parameter value to 1 (Enabled).


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Auto Provisioning > Resource Repository.
  2. Select a device vendor or enter a keyword.

    You can search the template by vendor, provisioning template name, or device model.

    The search results are displayed automatically on the web page.

  3. Click beside the desired template to view the default configurations.
    The following figure shows a default template of Yealink T56A. The default template consists of two parts:
    • Configuration parameters in Default Template: The pre-defined configuration parameters in this template are displayed in the first text box.
    • Function keys of device model: The pre-defined function keys supported by the device model are displayed in the second text box.

      You can click the device model tab to view the supported keys.