Allow Users to Query Contacts on IP Phones

To allow users to query contacts on IP phones, you need to auto provision IP phones. This topic describes how to allow users to query contacts on IP phones.


IP Phone
Use Yealink phones of the required model and version. For more information, see Yealink phones.
  • Yealink conference phones and DECT bases are NOT supported.
  • A maximum of 1000 company contacts and 300 personal contacts can be displayed on an Yealink phone.


  1. Grant permission for users to access company contacts.

    For more information, see Set up Contact Visibility.

    Note: By default, all the users have access to their own personal contacts, but no access to shared company contacts.
  2. Synchronize contacts data to users' IP phones via Auto Provisioning.
    • If users' extensions haven't been associated with phones, see Auto Provision IP Phones to bind phones with the extensions.
    • If users' extensions have been associated with phones, reprovision the phones to take effect.
      1. Go to Auto Provisioning > Phones.
      2. Select the checkboxes of the desired phones, click Reprovision.


Contacts data are synchronized to IP phones' remote phonebooks. Users can query and place calls to contacts from the remote phonebook.

Note: Two remote phonebooks from the PBX server are displayed on the IP phone:
  • Company_Contacts: Saves all the company shared contacts that you can view.
    Note: Company contacts on IP phones can NOT be grouped into phonebooks.
  • Personal_Contacts_{extension_number}: Saves all your personal contacts.

Example: Query contacts on Yealink T56A IP phone

  1. Tap > Remote Phonebook.

    The directories that the user is allowed to view are displayed on the page.

  2. Tap Search.
  3. In the search box, enter contact name or number. The system will query contact from Contacts.

  4. Select a contact, tap the contact number to quickly dial out.