Restrict International Calls to Specific Countries or Regions

If there is an outbound route on your PBX that allows outbound international calls, the authorized users can make international calls to all the countries and regions. To prevent toll fraud, you can restrict users from making international calls to specific countries or regions.


A manufacturer has a factory in Mexico, and his or her target customers are in Argentina. The manufacturer wants to restrict employees from making international calls to countries and regions except Argentina (country code 54).


Based on the above scenario, you need to follow the instructions below to realize restrictions on international dialing:

Step1. Allow international calls to Argentina only

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Security > Security Settings > Allowed Country Codes.
  2. Enable international dialing protection, and set international dialing code.
    1. Turn on the option Enable Allowed Country/Region Code Dialing Protection.
    2. In the International Dialing Code field, enter the prefix of international call according to your country. In the scenario, enter 00.
      When an employee tries to call a number starting with 00, the PBX's outbound route will identify this call as an international call.
      Note: Make sure there is at least one outbound route that matches with the international dialing code to route international calls out.
    3. Click and Apply.
  3. Set the countries or regions to which employees can make international calls.
    1. In the search box, enter a desired country or region. In the scenario, enter Argentina.

    2. In the Operations column, set the status to .
      Note: Some countries or regions share the same code (e.g. the country code for Canada and America is 1 ). If you allow international dialing to a country or a region, employees can also make calls to the countries or regions that share the same code.
    3. Click Apply.

Step2. Allow employees to make international calls

By default, after you enable country/region code dialing protection, all the users are not allowed to make international calls. To allow employees to make international calls, you need to grant permission to desired employees.

  1. Go to Extension and Trunk > Extension.
  2. Select the checkboxes of desired extensions, click Edit.
  3. Click Security tab.
  4. In the Call Restrictions section, select the checkbox of Bulk Edit and unselect the checkbox of Disallow International Calls.
  5. Click Save and Apply.


Authorized employees can make international calls to Argentina (country code 54).

The PBX has an outbound route configured as follows:

When an authorized employee dials a number, PBX's outbound route will check if the dialing is valid:

  • When an authorized employee dials 00541938384, the dialing is considered as valid.
  • When an authorized employee dials 00621938384, the dialing is considered as invalid.
  • When an authorized employee dials 541938384, it will not be considered as an international dialing, and the PBX will check if there is a matched outbound route to route the call out.