Add an 'Outbound Call Frequency Restriction' Rule

For security purpose, we recommended that you use Outbound Call Frequency Restriction rule to restrict the outbound call frequency in Yeastar P-Series PBX System. The PBX has a default rule to limit extension users to make maximum 5 outbound calls in 1 second, you can also set up your own rules according to your need. With the restriction rules, the system can be protected against the threat of toll fraud.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Security > Security Rules > Outbound Call Frequency Restriction, click Add.
  2. In the pop-up window, configure the following settings:
    1. In the Name field, set a name to help you identify the rule.
    2. Click Add and set up the restriction parameters:
      • Number of Calls: Set the limit number of outbound calls.
      • Time Period: Set a specific time period, and then select the time unit as Minute(s) or Second(s).
    3. Click Save and Apply.

What to do next

Apply the Outbound Call Frequency Restriction rule to limit the extensions. For more information, see Limit Outbound Call Frequency of an Extension.