Visitor Badge Printing Overview

Yeastar Workplace supports visitor badge printing, which allows you to design and print identification badges for visitors.


Yeastar Workplace Plan: Standard Plan or Pro Plan

Badge printing methods

Manual badge printing
By connecting badge printers to employees' (hosts and receptionists) computers, they can log in to the Yeastar Workplace web portal and manually select the scheduled visitors to print badges for them.

Manual badge printing is compatible with almost all types of badge printers, making it a highly adaptable and versatile solution for any organization.

For setup process, see Set up Manual Printing of Visitor Badges.

Automatic badge printing
By connecting a Brother badge printer to the Visitor Screen, the system will automatically trigger the printer to print badges when visitors check in on the Visitor Screen.

Automatic badge printing eliminates manual intervention and reduces wait time, enabling a streamlined and efficient visitor check-in process.

Automatic badge printing is only available for organizations that are using Brother badge printers and Visitors Screens.

For setup process, see Set up Automatic Printing of Visitor Badges.