Receive Fax through a Dedicated Trunk

You can assign one or more trunks to receive faxes, and tell your customers to send faxes to the dedicated trunk number.

To receive a fax on the PBX, you need to install S2 module or SO module on the PBX, and connect a fax machine to the FXS port on the PBX.
  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Control > Inbound Route, click Add.
  2. On the configuration page, select the dedicated trunk to the Selected box.
  3. Set the Destination to an FXS extension or Fax to Email.
    If you choose a FXS extension, your fax machine should be connected the relevant FXS port on the PBX.
  4. Click Save and Apply.
Users can dial the number of the dedicated trunk, then send fax to the PBX.