Contacts Overview

Yeastar Contacts feature allows you to add external contacts to Company Contacts and share the Company Contacts with your organization. Each extension user has a Personal Contacts to create and manage their personal contacts.

PBX requirements

The Contacts feature is supported on the following PBX models:
  • Yeastar S50
  • Yeastar S100
  • Yeastar S300

Contacts types

Company Contacts

Company Contacts is a phone book that allows you to store a list of external contacts, such as the company's customers, resellers and partners.

Note: By default, only the PBX administrator can view and manage Company Contacts. To share Company Contacts with extension users, refer to Configure Company Contacts Permissions for Users.
Personal Contacts
Personal Contacts is a phone book for each extension user. Users can store a list of external contacts exclusive to themselves, such as direct customers.
Note: Each user's Personal Contacts is visible only to themselves.

Key features

Sync contacts between Linkus clients and PBX

The contacts information is synced automatically between Linkus clients and PBX.

Users can view or manage contacts on both Linkus and PBX web page, or view contacts on an IP phone.

Note: Requirements of Linkus clients:
  • Linkus Android Client: 2.9.6 or later.
  • Linkus iOS Client: 2.9.10 or later.
  • Linkus for Mac: 1.10.3 or later.
  • Linkus for Windows: 1.10.3 or later.

For more information of contacts management, see Manage Company Contacts and Manage Personal Contacts.

Import and export contacts

Save time and effort by importing and exporting contacts entries.

For more information, see Manage Company Contacts and Manage Personal Contacts.

Identify incoming calls
The contact's name is displayed for incoming calls to your Linkus, desk phone, or other softphones if the contact's information is saved in Company Contacts or Personal Contacts. By knowing who’s calling, the users can handle the calls efficiently.
For more information, see Identify Callers from Contacts.
Configure Company Contacts permissions for users
Control who can view and manage the Company Contacts.
For more information, see Configure Company Contacts Permissions for Users.

Contacts limits

The following table shows the maximum number of contacts supported on the PBX.

Contacts type S50 S100 S300
Company contacts (total) 2000 5,000 5,000
Personal contacts (per extension) 300 300 300