Contacts FAQ

Cannot import my contacts

  1. Check if the contacts limit is reached. See Contacts limits.
  2. Check if the imported file meets the format requirements: CSV file encoded in UTF-8 without BOM.

Can I set a Contacts sub-administrator?


The PBX administrator can go to Settings > Permission to grant Contacts permission for the desired user.

If the Contacts permission is assigned to an user, the user can do the following operations:

  • Manage Company Contacts
  • Configure Caller ID Match of Contacts
  • Assign Company Contacts permissions to users

Will my personal contacts be lost if I uninstall Linkus client?

The personal contacts won't be lost.

After you create the personal contacts, the contacts is stored in PBX.

Can the administrator or other users see my personal contacts?

No. Personal contacts are visible to the owner.

How do extension users view or manage Company Contacts on PBX web page?

  1. Contact administrator to check if you are allowed to view or manage Company Contacts.
  2. Log in PBX web interface using extension email or extension number and password.
    • Username: Enter extension email or extension number.
    • Password: Enter the User Password of extension.
  3. Go to Contacts > Company Contacts.

Will contacts information be saved when I backup the PBX?


Contacts information is stored on PBX, so it will be automatically saved when you back up the PBX.

Can I expand the capacity of Company Contacts?


Company Contacts is stored on PBX system disk, so you can not expand the capacity by adding extra storage device.

Does IP phone support Contacts feature?

By now, only the compatible Yealink IP phones support Contacts feature.

For more information, refer to Query and Use Contacts on IP phone.

Why can't I see company contacts on IP phone?

  • Contact administrator to check if you are allowed to view company contacts.
  • If administrator changes your permission of viewing company contacts, administrator should go to Auto ProvisioningApp to update IP phone settings, or the permission change will not take effect.