Send SMS to Email

SMS to Email is a feature that allows users to receive SMS in their email inboxes. The SMS sent to the PBX GSM/3G/4G ports will be received first by the system and then forwarded to the users' email inboxes.

To make SMS to Email work, you need to do the followings:
  • Install GSM/3G/4G module and SIM card on the PBX.

  • Check the trunk status and make sure that the GSM/3G/4G trunk is ready.

  • Make sure the Email setting on the PBX is working.
Note: Only plain-text SMS messages can be sent to the Email.
  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > SMS > Enable SMS to Email, edit your GSM/3G/4G trunk.
    Note: If no trunk on this page, check if you have installed GSM/3G/4G module on the PBX.
  2. On the SMS to Email configuration page, click to add email address.

    The SMS messages will be sent to the added email addresses.

  3. Select extension account and the bound email address.
  4. Click to add another email address.
  5. Click Save and Apply.
When users send SMS to the GSM/3G/4G trunk number, the PBX will deliver the SMS messages to the selected email addresses.