Configure Yeastar FQDN for Microsoft Teams Integration

Before the integration, you need to configure Yeastar FQDN for remote access, so that users can access Linkus Web Client from Microsoft Teams.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to System > Network > Yeastar FQDN.
  2. Turn on Yeastar FQDN.
  3. In the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) field, select a domain name, then enter a hostname.
    In this scenario, select domain name and enter hostname yeastardocs, you will get an FQDN
    Note: Think twice before you enter the hostname. The FQDN can NOT be changed after you save the configurations.

  4. Click Save.


You have configured Yeastar FQDN, your PBX is now remotely accessible.

What to do next

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