Cancel Users' Room Reservations

As an administrator, you can cancel users meeting room reservations, which allows you to improve meeting room utilization by removing unwanted meetings, such as ghost meetings where users fail to show up to the scheduled meetings, and zombie meetings where users not attending several times in a row to scheduled recurring meetings.

Note: Ghost meetings refer to scheduled meetings where users do not show up, and zombie meetings refer to scheduled recurring meetings where users do not show up several times in a row.


The room reservation status is Booked.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace admin portal, go to Meeting Room > Room Schedule.

  2. To the right of a desired room reservation, click .

  3. In the pop-up window, delete the room reservation.

    • For regular meetings, click OK.

    • For recurring meetings, decide you want to cancel this meeting only or cancel all meetings afterward, and click OK.


The room reservation is canceled, a notification email about the cancellation is sent to the meeting organizer and participants.