Set up 1-Way Multicast Paging

Multicast Paging allows you to easily and quickly broadcast instant audio announcements to phone users who are listening to the same multicast IP address of the PBX.

When you make a Multicast Paging, the PBX sends Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) streams to the IP phones without involving SIP signaling. The phones that receive the RTP streams don't need to register SIP extensions.

  • The IP phone that will receive 1-way multicast paging should support Multicast Paging feature.
  • The Multicast Paging is one-way audio call.
  1. Set a 1-way Multicast Paging on the PBX.
    1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > Paging/Intercom > Paging/Intercom, click Add.
    2. Set a 1-Way multicast paging.
      • Number: Use the default or specify a number for the paging group.
      • Name: Enter a name for the paging group.
      • Type: Choose 1-Way Multicast Paging.
      • IP of Multicast Channel: Enter the multicast IP address and port (e.g.
        Note: The range of multicast IP address is -
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  2. Set Multicast Paging on each of your IP phone.
    In the following, we take Yealink T27G as an example.
    1. Log in the phone web interface, go to Directory > Multicast IP.
    2. In the Multicast Listening section, enter the same multicast IP address and port of the PBX.
    3. Click Confirm.
When you dial the paging group number, the members in the group will automatically answer the call into speakerphone mode.
Note: If the multicast paging doesn't work, check the following:
  • Multicast IP address and port are in the correct range.
  • If the PBX and IP phones are in different IP segments (e.g. PBX is in 192.168.5.X IP segment, IP phones are in 192.168.3.X IP segment), check if your router supports IP Multicast in different IP segments.