Use Salesforce CRM Integration

The integration with Salesforce CRM supports various features for your business dealings, bringing great convenience and efficiency. This topic shows the usage of the key features.

Click to Call

Install 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Chrome extension and set up Linkus Web Client with the Chrome extension.
Users can click on the detected phone numbers on the Salesforce CRM web page, a call is then sent out directly via the associated PBX extension.

Call Popup

Keep at least one of the following clients logged in:
  • Linkus Desktop Client
  • Linkus Web Client
    Note: If users close web browser or Linkus Web Client tab, they can NOT receive calls. To avoid this, users can install Chrome extension 'Yeastar Linkus for Google', which allows for the call pop-up browser tab even when web browser is closed.
When the Salesforce CRM user receives an inbound call from contacts, a new browser tab will be launched to show the CRM contact's information.

Note: The pop-up web page might be blocked by the browser. In this case, users need to click on the blocked icon at the search bar, allow the pop-up window and website redirection, then click Done.

Call Journal

After the Salesforce CRM integration, all outbound calls, incoming calls, and missed call records will be logged to CRM automatically, which helps users to keep track of every conversation.

Users can log in to the Salesforce CRM, go to the Activity tab in a contact detail page to view the call logs.

Contact Synchronization

Inbound calls from Salesforce contacts trigger a CRM contact lookup. If there exists the same number in CRM, the matched Salesforce CRM contact will be synchronized to an associated PBX phonebook, and the synchronized contacts are read-only.

For more information, see Set up Contact Synchronization from Salesforce CRM.

Automatic Contact or Lead Creation

A new contact or lead will be created automatically in CRM when the Salesforce user receives a call from an unknown number, or when the user makes a call to an unknown number.

For more information, see Set up Automatic Lead or Contact Creation for Salesforce CRM.