Set up Contact Synchronization with Odoo CRM

After integrating Yeastar P-Series Software Edition and Odoo CRM, you can enable a one-way contact synchronization to sync the Odoo CRM external Contacts to a specific PBX phonebook.


You have integrated Yeastar P-Series Software Edition and Odoo CRM.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Integrations > CRM.
  2. On the CRM integration page, select the checkbox of Synchronize Contacts Automatically.
  3. In the Synchronize Contacts From drop-down list, select the type(s) of contacts to be synchronized from Odoo CRM.

    • Individual: A type of external contact that is recorded in your database.
    • Leads: The potential customers or unqualified sales opportunities that are recorded in your database.
    • Company: A type of external contact that is recorded in your database.
  4. In the Synchronize to Phonebook drop-down list, select an existing empty phonebook or create a new phonebook to store the contacts that will be synced from Odoo CRM.
    Note: The contacts can only be synchronized to an empty phonebook.

  5. Click Save.


On Contacts > Phonebooks, the associated phonebook comes with a label of .

When the associated extensions receive an inbound call from an Odoo CRM contact of selected type(s), the contact information will be synchronized to the phonebook in Yeastar P-Series Software Edition automatically.
Note: This is a one-way sync from Odoo CRM to Yeastar P-Series Software Edition, therefore the associated phonebook and the synced contacts are read-only.
Troubleshooting: Fail to synchronize certain CRM contacts?
Incomplete information of CRM contacts can lead to synchronization failure. Make sure the following fields are filled in for the contacts, then perform the directory synchronization again:
  • Either the First name or Last name field is filled in.
  • At least one phone number-related field is filled in.