Synchronize Active Directory Organizational Units to Yeastar P-Series Software Edition

This topic describes how to customize the synchronization rule for Active Directory (AD) organizational units, PBX system will synchronize the specified AD organizational units to either PBX organizations or extension groups accordingly.


The number of AD organizational units that can be synced depends on the organizations / extension groups that PBX system can create, as the following table shows.

Maximum Number of Extensions (N) N ≤ 500 N > 500
Maximum number of organizations 100 1000
Maximum number of extension groups 63 63


You have integrated Yeastar P-Series Software Edition with Active Directory .


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Integrations > Collaboration.
  2. In the Organizational Unit Synchronization section, turn on the switch.

  3. Complete the following synchronization settings according to your need.

    1. In the Synchronize for drop-down list, specify the AD organizational units that you want to synchronize to PBX.

      Table 1.
      Option Description
      All Organizational Units Synchronize all AD organizational units within the connected directory to PBX.
      Specific Organizational Unit and Sub-OU

      Synchronize the specified organizational unit(s) together with the sub-OUs to PBX.

      You can select the desired organizational unit(s) from the Organizational Unit drop-down list.
      Organizational Units Searched by Filter

      Synchronize the AD organizational units that match the filter criteria to PBX.

      You can specify the LDAP search filter in the Search Filter for Organizational Unit field to locate specific organizational units.

      For example, enter (&(objectCategory=organizationalUnit)(ou=sales*)) to search organizational units with the name starting with "sales".

      Note: In future use, if you change range of AD organizational units to be synced, you can decide how to deal with the organizations or extension groups that are no longer synced from the AD organizational units via the Auto delete the Organizations/Extension Groups no longer in sync option.

      • If selected, the organizations/extension groups will be deleted during the next synchronization.
      • If unselected, the organizations/extension groups will be retained and fully managed by the PBX.
    2. In the Synchronize to field, determine the data type to which the AD organizational units will be synced.

      Table 2.
      Option Description

      Synchronize the AD organizational units and the sub-OUs to PBX organizations.

      You can set the company name in the Company Name field as needed, and select the organization to which the synced organizational units belong in the Parent Organization drop-down list.
      Extension Group Only synchronize the MINIMAL organization units to PBX extension groups.
  4. Click Save.


You have created your custom synchronization rule for AD organizational units.

During a synchronization process, PBX system performs LDAP queries within the Active Directory based on the rule, and synchronize the desired AD organizational units as well as the updated information to PBX. After the synchronization, the followings can be implemented:

  • You can check the synchronization result in the Organizational Unit Synchronization section.

  • The PBX organizations/extension groups associated with AD organizational units come with a label , and can NOT be deleted.
  • You can NOT manually update the information of the associated PBX organizations, or the name and group member of the associated PBX extension groups.
    Note: The information can only be modified within the Active Directory and updated to the PBX during a synchronization.