Restrict Outbound Calls by PIN Codes

Many companies restrict the outbound calls by using PIN codes. You can set multiple PIN codes, and assign these PIN codes to different users. Users are required to dial a specified PIN code to make an outbound call via the restricted outbound route. In this way, you can easily track the calls made by different users.


You need to add a PIN list or several PIN lists. For more information, see Add a PIN List.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Control > Outbound Route.
  2. Click beside the desired outbound route.
  3. On the outbound route configuration page, go to Trunk section, and in the Outbound Route Password drop-down list, select PIN List.
  4. In the PIN List drop-down list, select the desired PIN list.
  5. Click Save and Apply.


  • To make an outbound call via the restricted outbound route, users need to enter a correct PIN code included in the selected PIN list.
  • When users enter wrong PIN codes for three times, the call will be hung up automatically.
  • If the Record in CDR option of PIN list is enabled, the Call Detailed Record (CDR) will display the PIN code of each call.