Yeastar Workplace

Release date: January 19, 2022

Room Display firmware update

New firmware version 1.5.10 is available for room display DS7210.

For more information about firmware upgrading, see Upgrade Firmware for Room Displays.

New feature

Added support for workplace management, you can add name, address, and floors to the existing buildings, and add new buildings to differentiate and manage different workplaces.
For more information, see Manage Office Buildings.
Working Hours
Added support for working hours configuration, working hours can affect the bookable time settings for meeting rooms.
For more information, see Set Working Hours.


Company Logo
Added support for resetting company logos.
Meeting Room

Added meeting room status: "Unbookable".

By default, meeting rooms will show this status during non-working hours after you configured the working hours. At this time, meeting rooms can not be booked and Room Displays show "Unbookable".

If you wish to make the meeting rooms bookable at any time, go to: Meeting Room > Room Preference > Booking settings > Restrict Schedules in Company Working Hours, select Disable.

Web Interface
Optimized the user experience of web interface.