Yeastar Workplace

Release date: May 7, 2022

Room Display Firmware Update

New firmware version 1.5.28 is available for room display DS7210 & DS7310.

For more information about firmware upgrading, see Upgrade Firmware for Room Displays.

New Features

Email Server

Added support for custom email servers.

By setting up the email server, administrator can specify the enterprise mailbox as the default sender address. All emails sent through Yeastar Workplace will show this mailbox as the sender, thus matching the brand image of the enterprise.

For more information, see Email Server Overview.

Meeting Scheduling Conflicts Prompt

Added support for meeting scheduling conflicts prompt.

Yeastar Workplace web portal provides meeting scheduling conflicts prompts to help meeting organizers clarify whether the current meeting time is in conflict with the existing meeting schedule of participants. It also supports meeting organizers to view the meeting schedules of all participants (excluding meeting details), thus helping organizers to quickly and efficiently adjust the meeting time.



Added support for Standard Plan.

Yeastar Workplace now supports three kinds of plans to best meet the needs of businesses of different sizes.

Room Display

Optimized the connection error message for room displays.

When a room display is unable to connect to the server or network, the screen will display the reason for the connection error to help users fix the problem quickly.
Note: Room display firmware requirement: 1.5.28 or higher.
Web Interface
Optimized the user experience of the web interface.
  • Added support for French interface.

  • Added support for Thai interface.

  • Added support for Dutch interface.

  • Added support for Spanish interface.