Set up a Hot-desking Phone

This topic describes how to set up a phone for hot desking.


Hot-desking feature is only supported on specific Yealink phones.


To set up a hot-desking phone, you need to use Auto Provisioning.

  1. Log in to PBX web interface, go to Auto Provisioning, scan phones.

    All the detected phones appear on the Device List page.

  2. Select the desired phone, click .
  3. In the Hot-desking Phone drop-down list, select Enabled.

    The following settings are automatically configured for the phone:

    • Account: The first line is activated and a virtual extension is assigned to the line.
      Note: Virtual extension format: HostExt{virtual_num}, the {virtual_num} indicates the virtual number assigned to the virtual extension.

    • Line Key:

      LineKey1 is configured as speed dial key for guest login.

      LineKey2 is configured as speed dial key for guest logout.

    Note: For SIP-T19P_E2 and SIP-T56A, you need to manually configure speed dial keys on the phones for guest login and logout.
  4. Click Save and reboot the phone.

    The phone is set up as a hot-desking phone after reboot.


After the phone is set up as a hot-desking phone, the phone can be used only for emergency calls.

The phone is not ready for use until a user logs in to the phone.