Enable Hot Desking for an Extension User

This topic describes how to enable hot desking for an extension.


  1. Log in to PBX web interface, go to Settings > Extensions, edit the desired extension.
  2. Click the Features tab.
  3. Select the checkbox of Enable Hot Desking.
  4. Configure automatic logout of hot desking.
    • Log out of Queue: If the extension user is an agent of a queue, when the extension user logs out of a phone for hot desking, the system automatically logs the agent out of the queue.
    • Automatic Guest Out: Set when to log the extension user out of a hot-desking phone.
      • Never: Disable automatic logout of a hot-desking phone.
      • After/hr/min: Specify a time period to log the user out of a phone after the extension user logs in.
      • At Daily: Specify a fixed time to log the user out of a phone every day.

  5. Click Save and Apply.