Set Event Notification of Hot Standby

To keep informed of the hot standby status of the primary server and secondary server, you can enable the event notification. If the PBX server is abnormal, you can receive notifications by a phone call, SMS, or email.

Notification events

  • PBX Hot Standby Failover
  • Both PBX Servers Failed to Function
  • Data Synchronization Error

Set event notification of hot standby

  1. Log in to the PBX web interface, go to Settings > Event Center > Event Settings.
  2. Enable notification for the events.

  3. Click the Notification Contacts tab, add contacts to receive the notifications.
    1. Click Add, set the way to receive the notifications.
      Note: Make sure that the selected notification method has been configured.
      Notification methods Prerequisites

      Set up system email

      Call Mobile
    2. Click Save and Apply.