GSM/3G/4G Trunk

To use the GSM/3G/4G trunk, you need to insert a SIM card on the relevant module.

Maximum Supported GSM/3G/4G Module

PBX Model GSM/3G Module 4G Module (For Data) 4G Module (For Voice)
S412 2 1 2
S20 1 1 1
S50 4 1 4
S100 6 1 6
S300 6 1 6

GSM/3G/4G Trunk Status

After the module and SIM card is installed, you can log in the PBX web interface PBX Monitor to check the trunk status.

Status Description
The trunk is idle, the icon shows the signal strength.
The trunk is busy.
The module is powered off.
No SIM card inserted.
No signal.
PIN/PUK Error.
Cellular network registration failed.
Malfunction in module; please examine the relevant module.