Seize a Line to Call

Seize-Line feature allows a user to set a BLF key to monitor the PBX trunk and press the BLF key to quickly place an outbound call through the monitored trunk.

  • Monitoring trunks by BLF key is supported on FXO trunk, GSM/3G/4G trunk, and SIP trunk, NOT supported on E1/T1 trunk and BRI trunk.
  • Seize-Line feature is not supported on SIP trunk.
  1. Select the desired trunk in an outbound route.
    Note: If the trunk is not selected in any outbound route, you cannot seize the trunk to call out.
    1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Control > Outbound Routes, edit an outbound route.
    2. Check if the trunk is selected.
  2. Configure Seize-Line setting.
    Note: By default, PBX allows any extension users to seize a line to call out. You can decide whether to match route permission when seizing a line to call out.
    1. Go to Settings > PBX > General > Preferences, check the option Match Route Permission When Seizing a Line.
    2. Click Save and Apply.
  3. On the Trunk configuration page, check the trunk name.
  4. On the phone web interface, set a BLF key to monitor the trunk.
    Note: Take Yealink T28P phone as an example.
    1. Go to DSSKey > Memory Key, set a BLF key.
      • Type: Select BLF.
      • Value: Enter the trunk name.
      • Line: Select the account that has an extension registered to the PBX.
    2. Click Confirm.
      • When the trunk is idle, the BLF LED is green.
      • When the trunk is being used, the BLF LED is red.
  5. Seize the trunk to call out.
    Press the BLF key to seize the trunk, you will get a dial tone, then dial the number that you want to call.