Event Center

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX can monitor system events and logs, then send notifications to the specified notification contacts.

Event types

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX events are divided into three major categories: operation, telephony, and system.

Category Event Type
  • Modify Administrator Password
  • User Login Success
  • User Login Failed
  • User Lockout
  • API Authentication Lockout
  • Extension User Password Changed
  • Linkus Cloud Service Pro Expiration Reminder
  • Linkus Cloud Service Expiration Reminder
  • Linkus Client Login Failure
  • Linkus Client has been Locked
  • VoIP Peer Trunk Registration Failed
  • VoIP Register Trunk Registration Failed
  • Outgoing Call Failed
  • Concurrent Calls Overload
  • GSM Registration Failure
  • Emergency Call
  • Extension Outbound Calls Prohibited
  • VoIP Peer Trunk Re-registered
  • VoIP Register Trunk Re-registered
  • CPU Overload
  • Memory Overload
  • Storage Failure
  • Storage Full
  • Network Failure
  • Network Attacked
  • System Reboot
  • System Upgrade
  • System Restore
  • SMS To Email Failed
  • Email To SMS Failed
  • Application Upgrade
  • PBX Hot Standby Failover
  • Abnormal D30 Module
  • Abnormal Network Drive Connection
  • Auto Cleanup Reminder
  • Cellular Network Connected
  • About to Reach Data Allowance
  • Application New Version Detection
  • Storage Lost Connection
  • Both PBX Servers Failed to Function
  • Data Synchronization Error
  • System New Firmware Detection

Event Settings

Go to Settings > Event Center > Event Settings to decide whether to record or monitor the events.

  • Record

    indicates that Record function is enabled. When the event occurs, the PBX will record the event in Event Log.

    indicates that Record function is disabled.

  • Notification

    indicates that Notification function is enabled. When the event occurs, the PBX will send notification to the Notification Contacts.

    indicates that Notification function is disabled.

  • Edit Notification

    Click to edit the template of notification email.

Event Log

Event log records of what you select in Event Settings. With the event logs you can check all the event details easily.

You can filter the event logs by selecting an event type, event name, and specifying a certain time period.