Presence Settings

This topic describes presence settings.

The system has built-in presence (Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, Lunch Break, Business Trip, and Off Work) to help colleagues tell if you are available. For each presence, you can configure presence settings differently. When your presence changes, the presence settings will change accordingly.

Log in to Linkus Web client, go to Preferences > Presence, select a presence and configure the following settings.

Presence Information

Table 1.
Setting Description
Presence Information Add a note to the current presence.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding rules help you forward incoming calls to a specific destination when you are unavailable. You can set different destinations for incoming calls based on extension presence.
Table 2.
Setting Description
Types of incoming calls

Select a call type.

  • Internal Calls: Set a call forwarding rule for incoming calls from your colleagues.
  • External Calls: Set a call forwarding rule for incoming calls from external users.
Forwarding condition

Select a forwarding condition and configure a destination.

  • Always: Forward all incoming calls to the designated destination.
  • No Answer: Only forward unanswered calls to the designated destination.
  • When Busy: Only forward the calls that come in while you are talking on the phone to the designated destination.

Ring Strategy

Ring strategy allows you to decide in which order incoming calls are distributed to the endpoints where your extension is registered.

  • Extension Endpoint: The IP phone or softphone where your extension is registered.
  • Linkus Mobile Client
  • Linkus Desktop Client (Softphone Only)
  • Linkus Web Client (Web Client Mode Only)
Table 3.
Setting Description
Ring First Set which endpoint will ring first.
Ring Secondly Set which endpoint will ring secondly.

Ring Timeout

To prevent callers from waiting for a long time, you can configure ring timeout. If a call is not answered during the time period, it will be routed to the destination of No Answer.

Table 4.
Setting Description
Ring Timeout Enter a value or select a value from the drop-down list.
Note: The valid range is from 5 to 300.


Ring the Mobile Number Simultaneously

To simultaneously ring both extension and the associated mobile number when anyone calls in your extension number, you can configure a simultaneous ring strategy.

Note: The feature is unavailable in Do Not Disturb status.
Table 5.
Setting Description
Ring the Mobile Number Simultaneously Check the option to enable this feature, and configure your mobile number.
Prefix Enter the prefix of outbound route so that PBX server can successfully send calls out.
Note: Contact system administrator to check if a prefix is required.
Accept Push Notifications
By default, you can receive push notifications on Linkus Mobile Client anywhere and anytime, such as missed calls, new voicemail messages and so on. If you don't want to receive notifications after work, you can disable the feature.
Table 6.
Setting Description
Accept Push Notification Enable or disable push notifications on Linkus Mobile Client.
Agent Status Auto Switch

If you are a dynamic agent who needs to frequently log in to or out of a queue, you can associate your queue status with your extension presence. Your status in a queue will automatically change along with your extension presence.

Table 7.
Setting Description
Log In Log in to a queue.
Note: The option is available ONLY in Available status.
Log Out Log out of a queue.
Pause Pause receiving queue calls.
Note: You can select a specific pause reason in the Pause Reason drop-down list.
Do Nothing Retain current status.