Linkus Web Client Internal Chat Overview

Linkus Internal Chat (Instant Messaging, IM) feature allows you to start a conversation (either 1:1 or group chat) with colleague, and liven up the conversation with emoji, pictures, and file sharing.

Preview of Linkus Web Client internal chat


  • Members per group chat: Max. 200 people
  • Group chat created (per user): Max. 100 group chats
  • File Sharing: Max. 100 MB
  • Chat history: Max. 1 year


  • Private 1:1 or Group Chat: Collaborate with your colleagues efficiently through a personal chat or a group chat.
  • Customizable Notification Settings: Enable or disable notifications (pop-up and sound) for new messages.
  • Chat History: Chat histories are auto-synced across Linkus UC Clients, which means that you can access the same messages and files from Linkus Web Client and Linkus Mobile Client.
  • Flexible Message Type: Send text messages and emojis; Share files and photos; Make an audio or video call within a click.