Web Call Overview

Linkus Web Client allows you to have audio calls or video calls with colleagues and external contacts anywhere anytime. This topic describes requirements of Linkus web calls.


PBX Server
To use audio service, contact system administrator to check if PBX server meets the following requirements:
  • Web Server Protocol: HTTPS
  • Codec: Any one of u-law, a-law, or G722 is enabled on PBX server.
To use video service, besides the above requirements, make sure the followings are ready on PBX server.
  • PBX Plan: Ultimate Plan
  • Codec: Either VP8 or H264 is enabled on PBX server.
    • Codec VP8 is preferred.
    • If VP8 and H264 are both enabled, make sure VP8 has the top priority.
Web Browser
Use one of the following web browsers with compatible version to access Linkus Web Client:
  • Google Chrome (64-bit): Version 87 or later.
  • Microsoft Edge (64-bit): Version 87 or later.
  • Opera: Version 72 or later.