Web Call Operations

This topic describes various operations that your can do for an ongoing call.

Preview of an ongoing call

Status bar

Display the name and number of the other party, and recording status of the call.

Shortcuts for common actions

Get call window zoomed out.
Full screen mode.


New Call
Place another call while you are on a call.
Note: You can be on two calls at most. If you make or receive another call, the previous call will be automatically held.
Add Participant
Add participants to join an audio conference call.
Switch between a voice call and a video call.
Note: The feature requires support from your organization's PBX server. For more information, see Video Service.
Mute or unmute yourself.
Hold or resume a call.
Press a key to send DTMF signal.
Pause or unpause recording for a call.
Note: The feature requires authentication from system administrator.
  • Attended Transfer: Transfer the call after the third party answers your call.
    Note: If you attended transfer a video call, an audio call will be established between the two parties.
  • Blind Transfer: Transfer the call directly to the third party.
Call Flip
Flip an active call to a specific device where your extension is registered.
End Call
End a call.