Handle Incoming Calls Based on Caller ID

Call handling rules help you manage calls based on incoming Caller ID. This topic describes how to create a call handling rule to handle incoming calls based on incoming Caller ID.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client, go to Preferences > Features > Call Handling Based on Caller ID.
  2. Set up one or more rules according to your needs.
    Note: You can set up rules to filter and handle calls from both your colleagues and external contacts.
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Caller ID field, enter a specific number or a number pattern.
      • To apply the rule to a specific number, enter a specific number.

        For example, enter 10086 to handle incoming calls with Caller ID 10086 based on the rule.

      • To apply the rule to a number pattern, enter a wildcard pattern.

        For example, enter 9011. to handle incoming calls with any Caller ID starting with 9011 based on the rule.

        For more information, see Caller ID Pattern.

    3. In the Action drop-down list, set how you want to deal with incoming calls with the Caller ID.
      • Hang Up
      • Extension
      • Voicemail
      • IVR
      • Play Greeting then Hang up
      • Accept Call
        Note: By default, all incoming calls are allowed to reach your extension. If there is a call-handling rule to prevent spam calls (eg.728373XX) from reaching your extension, but you want to accept calls from a specific number (eg.72837300), you can create another rule to accept calls from 72837300.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Optional: To add more rules, repeat step a-d.
    6. Optional: In the Move column, adjust the rules' order. The rules take effect from the top down.
      Note: For example, set the rule "Accept calls from 72837300" to a higher priority than the rule "Reject calls from numbers starting with 728373". In this way, when receiving calls from 72837300, the system will send calls to your extension. For other incoming calls from number starting with 728373, the system will hang up directly.
  3. Click Save.


When an incoming call reaches your extension, PBX will handle the call based on Caller ID.