Associate Your Queue Status with Your Extension Presence

This topic describes how to configure your queue status to change along with extension presence.

Background information

If you are a dynamic agent who needs to frequently log in to or out of a queue, you can configure your queue status to change along with your extension presence. For example, automatically log in to a queue when you are available to answer calls while automatically pausing service when you are away from desk.


  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client, go to Preferences > Presence.
  2. On the status bar, select a presence status.

  3. In the Agent Status Auto Switch drop-down list, select an action.
    • Log In
      Note: The option is accessible ONLY in Available status.
    • Log Out
    • Pause
      Note: You can select a specific pause reason in the Pause Reason drop-down list.
    • Do Nothing
  4. To configure for more status, repeat step2-3.
  5. Click Save.


If extension presence changes, your work status in a queue to which you belong will change accordingly.

Note: This setting takes effect for all the queues to which you belong.