Video Conferencing Overview

Yeastar Video Conferencing feature allows you to have face-to-face meetings with colleagues or external contacts worldwide, which helps increase your work efficiency.

Meeting types

There are two types of meetings: Instant Meeting and Scheduled Meeting.
Instant Meeting
Instant Meeting is a kind of meeting that starts without any prior reservation. If a task arises on short notice, you can start a meeting instantly and invite participants to join the meeting.
For more information, see Start an Instant Meeting.
Scheduled Meeting
Scheduled Meeting is a kind of meeting that is created ahead of time. You can schedule a future one-time meeting and invite participants ahead of time.
For more information, see Create a Meeting Link and Invite Participants to Join a Scheduled Meeting.


PBX Server
Contact system administrator to check if PBX server meets the following requirements:
  • PBX Server: Version or later
  • PBX Plan: Ultimate Plan
  • Web Server Protocol: HTTPS
  • Email Server: Either Yeastar SMTP Server or a custom email server is set up on the PBX server.
Web Browser
To use Yeastar Video Conferencing feature, use one of the following web browsers with compatible version to access Linkus Web Client:
  • Google Chrome (64-bit): Version 86 or later.
  • Microsoft Edge (64-bit): Version 87 or later.
  • Opera: Version 72 or later.


  • Participants per meeting: Max. 5
  • Concurrent meetings in PBX server: Max. 4
  • Meeting duration per meeting: Max.120 min.

Data protection and encryption

To guarantee data confidentiality during transmission, Yeastar uses a transmission encryption mechanism that covers the entire data link and is based on industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


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