Start an Instant Meeting

If a task arises on short notice, you can start an instant meeting from Linkus Web Client to save time without scheduling. The meeting starts instantly and you can invite participants to join the meeting. This topic describes how to start an instant meeting.



  1. Log in to Linkus Web Client, go to Video Conferencing.
  2. Click Create Instant Meeting.
    A window pops up, which asks permission for Linkus Web Client to use microphone.
    Note: If no window pops up, you can click or in the address bar to check whether permissions of microphone and camera are granted to Linkus Web Client.

  3. In the pop-up dialog box, allow Linkus Web Client to use microphone and camera.
    1. Click Allow to allow Linkus Web Client to use microphone.

      The microphone is turned on.
    2. Click Allow to allow Linkus Web Client to use camera.

      The camera is turned on, you can see a preview video of yourself.
      Note: If you are prompted "Failed to access the camera", it indicates that the camera may be in use. Refresh the page and try again after the camera is available.
  4. On Preparation page, set up the meeting.
    1. Click a specific icon to configure audio and video on your side.
      • : Mute or unmute yourself.
      • : Enable or disable your camera.
      • : Change camera, microphone, or speaker.
    2. Configure basic information for the meeting.
      • Meeting Name: Set a name for the meeting.
      • Password: Optional. Enter a password for the meeting.

        All the participants are required to enter the password before they successfully join the meeting.

    3. Click Join.

      The meeting is created. You can preview meeting information in the pop-up window.

  5. Invite participants to join the meeting.
    1. In the pop-up window, click Copy Invitation Info.
    2. Send the invitation information to desired participants.