Linkus Web Client Overview

Linkus Web Client is a web-based client that can be launched from mainstream web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera). It combines all the features that you need to communicate, collaborate, and connect with colleagues. This topic provides Linkus Web Client layout and describes how it benefits your work.

Linkus Web Client layout


  • Live talk with colleagues or external contacts via audio call or video call.

  • Collaborate with colleagues efficiently through personal chat, group chat, and integrated file sharing.
  • Centralized management for company-shared contacts and personal contacts.
  • Face-to-face meetings from web browser within a single click, and enjoy instant, secure, and engaging team communications.
  • Visualized console to quickly handle incoming calls based on real-time availability of users.

  • Streamlined operations to improve agent efficiency and responsiveness, and offer ultimate customer satisfaction.