Yeastar P-Series Appliance Edition

Release Date: August 23, 2021

New features

Auto Provisioning (DHCP Option 66 & RPS)
In addition to PnP method, this version supports two other Auto Provisioning configuration methods to meet different usage scenarios:
  • DHCP Option 66 Provisioning

    DHCP option 66 provides the provisioning server address. When you connect the IP phones or gateways to your network, the devices send DHCP requests to the DHCP server to obtain the provisioning server address, then download the configuration file from the address.

    Note: An advantage of option 66 is that PBX and IP phones/gateways can be in different subnets.
  • RPS Provisioning

    Redirect to Provisioning Server (RPS) Auto Provisioning is for remote phones that are not in the same LAN as the PBX.

For more information, see the following topics:

Improvements and bug fixes

Business Hours & Time Condition
  • Added support for overriding time condition for inbound calls by feature codes.

    For more information, see Override Time Condition for Inbound Calls.

  • Added support for configuring a more flexible Business Hours with a mixed condition of week, month, and date.
    Note: In the previous version, you can only select days of week as business days.

  • Holiday settings refined to hours and minutes.

Auto Provisioning
  • Added support for the following phones:
    Vendor Phone model
    • CP965
    • CP925
    Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
    • H3P, H3G, H6
    • M3, M5, M7
  • Fixed the page display issue: If the phone password was changed by Auto Provisioning, the Auto Provisioning / Phones page didn't display the new password.
  • Fixed the issue of Grandstream custom template: The configurations could not be saved if the Time Zone was set to GMT+01:00.
Web Interface
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese web interface.
  • The default language of PBX web interface is displayed as the user's browser language.
  • Optimized the user experience of web interface.
Service Port
Optimized the configurable range of PBX service ports (HTTP port and SIP port, etc.): Any values are permitted except the values ranging from 1 to 1999.
  • The port numbers ranging from 1 to 1999 are reserved for the system services.
  • In the previous version, port numbers ranging from 1 to 8999 are NOT allowed to be configured.
Call Popup URL
  • Fixed the issue that no pop-up screen for incoming calls was displayed when the Trigger Event was set to Answered or End Call.
  • Fixed the issue that no pop-up screen was displayed when an external call reached a queue member.
Call issues
Fixed the issue that outbound calls through E1 trunks would fail randomly.
Operator Panel
Fixed the caller ID display issue: If Inbound Caller ID Reformatting was configured for a BRI trunk, the prepended digits would not be displayed on Operator Panel for the inbound calls through this BRI trunk.
Voice Prompt
The length of voice file name is limited to 256 characters.
Note: In the previous version, the limitation is 31 characters.