Yeastar P-Series Appliance Edition

Release date: July 4, 2023

New features

WebRTC Trunk
Added support for WebRTC trunk, which uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology to implement real-time audio and video communication on web page.
With WebRTC trunk, you can get an embeddable WebRTC call link for your web page, customers can make free calls to your company's phone system directly from their browser with a click, without the need for additional plug-ins or software.
For more information, see WebRTC Trunk Overview.
Added compatibility with SNMP protocol, which allows network administrator to use a Network Management System (NMS) to query PBX information and monitor PBX in real time.
To achieve this, you need to set up SNMP on PBX, and connect PBX to NMS. For more information, see Yeastar SNMP Overview.

Improvements and bug fixes

Web interface
Optimized the user experience of web interface.
  • Added support for selecting codec for Linkus Mobile Client on PBX web portal.

    For more information, see Configure Audio Codec for Linkus Mobile Client.

  • Added support for entering ' in email address.
  • Added an option Send to for Voicemail, which allows you to decide whether to send notification emails to user's mailbox or a custom mailbox when a user receives new voicemail.

    For more information, see Set up Extension Voicemail.

  • Fixed the extension registration issue: A registered extension lost connection and failed to be re-registered.
Added support for entering ' in email address.
SIP Trunk
  • Added Enable RTP Keep-alive option, which can be set on Extension and Trunk > Trunk > Advanced > VoIP Settings.
    If the option is enabled, an RTP Comfort Noise (CN) frame will be sent if the PBX does not send an RTP packet within 1 second, ensuring that the NAT and firewall holes are always open during a call.
    Note: The option is only available for register trunk and peer trunk.
  • Optimized the Diversion outbound parameter: If Diversion is set to Default, when a call diversion occurs, the system will carry the original call destination number (DID number) in the diversion header of the SIP INVITE packet.
Call Transfer
Added an option Rebound Missed Transferred Calls (Applicable to Both blind/Semi-attended Transfer). When a user performs a blind transfer or a semi-attended transfer, and the transfer recipient doesn't answer, the call will be transferred back to the user.
Note: By default, the option is enabled, you can disable it on Call Features > Feature Code > Call Transfer.
Added an option Play Prompt to Broadcaster, which allows you to control whether to play prompt to the broadcaster while playing to all the other members.
Note: The option is available only when a custom prompt is selected and is enabled by default.
Email Template
Added support for Email template language of Brazilian Portuguese.
Backup and Restore
  • Added a date option Last Day of Every Month when the frequency of a backup schedule is set to Monthly.
  • Fixed the restoring issue: After restoring the PBX from a backup, administrator set to use a restored system prompt but the prompt didn't work.
Added a date option Last Day of Every Month when the frequency of a reboot schedule is set to Monthly.
Call Reports
  • Added a date option Last Day of Every Month when the frequency of a call report schedule is set to Monthly.
  • Added an option Validity Period of the Download Link when scheduling call reports.

    The supported validity periods are 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours, and 120 hours. After the expiration date, the specified recipients can not download call reports via the link.

  • Optimized the Agent Performance report.
    • Replaced Total Calls parameter with Total Rings, which indicates the number of calls that rang each agent and the queue.
    • Replaced Unanswered parameter with Missed, which indicates the number of calls that each agent and the queue missed.
Linkus Web Client
  • Added Source filter in Call Logs. For inbound calls from Queues or Ring Groups, users can identify specific queue or ring group from the name and number.

  • Added Time filter for Recordings. Users can filter recordings by the desired time range.
  • Optimized the user experience in one-click login to Linkus Desktop Client.
    Figure 1. Before
    Figure 2. Now
  • Fixed the audio conferencing issue: An IVR was added to an audio conference, when a participant pressed keys in the IVR, the key press did not take effect.
Call issue
Fixed the call issues:
  • When an extension user answered an incoming call on Linkus UC Client, the call was failed.
  • There was a one-way audio issue for the calls on an extension that was registered using FQDN.

  • When an extension user picked up a call, the call did not show the original Caller ID.

Fixed the dashboard issue: When the scheduled backup feature was enabled, the create time of the latest backup file displayed on dashboard was incorrect.
  • Fixed the access permission issue: When an extension user with a specific role accessed the PBX management portal, the system denied the access and prompted no permissions.
  • Fixed the role setting issue: If an extension and the extension group it belongs to were both selected in the Reports and Recordings permission settings for a user role, when the extension was deleted from the PBX, the extension group was unexpectedly removed from the role settings.
Auto Provisioning

Fixed the auto provisioning issue: When provisioning the Yealink W70B using a custom template, the settings did not take effect on the IP phone.

Hot Desking

Fixed the BLF key issue on hot desking phone: After an extension user logged in to a hot desking phone, the BLF key set for call parking monitoring worked, but the BLF LED remained off, user could not check the call parking status from the light.


Fixed the IVR issue: An external user called into an IVR through SIP trunk, when the user dialed an extension number via the IVR, the call was disconnected.

Fixed the queue issues:
  • The information of a ringing queue callback call remained in the Waiting Calls panel even if the call had been ended.
  • The number of calls displayed in the Wallboard did not match the data in the call logs.

Music on Hold (MoH)

Fixed the MoH file issue: Administrator was unable to upload the maximum number of MoH files supported by the PBX.

Fixed the API issue: The endpoint online status of extensions queried by the API interface was incorrect.