Add Commonly Used Room Calendars to Your Outlook Account

This topic describes how to add commonly used room calendars to your Outlook account. In this way, you can easily view the meeting room schedule and avoid conflicts when booking meeting rooms.


  1. Log in to Outlook calendar.

  2. Optional: Create a calendar group for room calendars.

    1. In the left panel, click beside My calendars, and select New calendar group.

    2. Enter a name to help you identify this calendar group. In this example, enter Meeting rooms.

  3. In the left panel, click Add calendar.

  4. On the Add calendar page, click Add from directory, and search for and select the room resource calendars.

  5. In the Add to drop-down list, select a calendar group in which the room calendar will be displayed.

  6. Click Add.


The room calendar will be added to your calendars list.