Enable Cellular Network on the PBX

The PBX uses wired network as the default network, and the cellular network is not enabled. To use the cellular network, you need to change the PBX network.

Note that Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX V4.0 does not support the Cellular Network feature.
  1. Set event notification of Cellular Network.
    When the PBX network changes to cellular network, the PBX will send notification to the relevant contacts.
    1. Go to Settings > Event Center > Event Settings, enable Cellular Network Connected.
    2. Click Notification Contacts, add contacts to receive the event.
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  2. Enable cellular network on the PBX.
    1. Go to Settings > System > Network > Basic Settings, set the Cellular Network.
      • Failover: Wired network is the preferred network, cellular network is the alternate network.
        Note: If you select Failover, you need to enable ICMP detection.
      • Always: Use cellular network only for Internet connection.
    2. Check if the LAN network has a correct DNS server setting.
    3. Click Save, reboot the PBX to take effect.
  3. Optional: Enable ICMP detection.
    If you set cellular network as a failover network on the PBX, you need to enable ICMP detection.
    1. Go to Settings > System > Network > ICMP Detection, select Enable ICMP Detection.
    2. On ICMP Detection configuration page, configure ICMP Detection settings.
      • ICMP Detection Server: Select an ICMP detection server from the drop-down list, and click Test to test if the PBX can access the server.
      • ICMP Detection Interval: Set the time interval between ICMP packages.
      • ICMP Detection Timeout: Set the timeout for each ICMP package.
      • ICMP Detection Retries: Set the max number of retries after ICMP detection failed.
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  4. Check PBX network status.
    Go to Resource Monitor, check the current network and cellular network.