Configure LTE Dial-up

The Dial-up settings contain the dial up connection parameters. The SIM card will establish Internet communication with the CARRIER via the dialup connection parameters.

Note that Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX V4.0 does not support the LTE Dial-up feature.

By default, you don’t need to configure the dial-up settings. The PBX can identify the SIM card and dialup parameters to connect to the Internet.

You need to configure Dial-up settings in the following situations:

  • The SIM card is installed in a place where the carrier network is not covered.

    Contact the carrier if the SIM card could connect to a non-local network, if the answer is yes, then ask the dial-up connection parameters from the carrier.

  • The SIM card carrier asks you to change dial-up settings, so that you can connect to a specific network or another carrier network.
Note: Configure the dial-up settings under the guidance of your carrier, or the cellular network will fail.
  1. Go to Settings > System > Network > Cellular Network.
  2. Enter the parameters provided by the ISP.
  3. Click Save, reboot the PBX to take effect.