Auto Clean up Recording Files

By default, when the USB device, TF card, or hard disk reaches 80% of its maximum storage capacity, the PBX will automatically delete the oldest recording files. When the 70% of the maximum storage capacity is reached, the PBX will send an email notification to you.

Recordings Auto Cleanup

Go to Settings > System > Storage > Auto Cleanup to change the default Auto Recordings Auto Cleanup settings.

  • Max Usage of Device (%): Set the maximum storage percentage of the device that is allowed to store recording files.

    The oldest recording files will be deleted when the threshold is reached.

  • Auto Recordings Preservation Duration: Set the maximum number of days that the PBX will retain the recording files.

    The value 0 indicates no limit.

Enable 'Auto Cleanup Reminder'

To get informed of the recording usage, you can enable Auto Cleanup Reminder.

  1. Go to Settings > Event Center > Event Settings > System, enable Notification and Record for Auto Cleanup Reminder.

    • Record: The event of Recording Auto Cleanup will be recorded in Event Log.
    • Notification: When the recording capacity is about to be reached, the PBX will send notification email to the Notification Contacts.
  2. To modify the email template, click .

Check Recording Usage

Go to Resource Monitor > Storage to check the usage of the USB device, TF card, or hard disk that is used to store recording files.