Control a Snom IP Phone by Linkus Desktop Client

By enabling CTI mode on Linkus Desktop Client, a Snom IP phone with your extension registered can be connected to your Linkus Desktop Client. In this way, Linkus Desktop Client acts as a visual control panel where you can manage phone calls, while calls are made and received using the Snom IP phone.


This topic is applied to the Snom IP phones that are compatible with Linkus Desktop Client CTI.

Tip: For incompatible IP phones, refer to Control an Incompatible IP phone by Linkus Desktop Client for instructions on phone control.


PBX server
Contact system administrator to make sure the following requirements are met on PBX server:
  • The version of PBX server is or later.
  • The uaCSTA feature is enabled (Path: PBX Settings > SIP Settings > Advanced > Other Options > Enable uaCSTA Connection).
IP phone
The extension registered on the IP phone is the same as that of Linkus Desktop Client.
Note: Register only one account on the IP phone, or CTI feature may not work.

Step 1. Set the IP phone to be controllable

Note: If system administrator has assigned your extension to the IP phone via Auto Provisioning, your IP phone is ready for being controlled. In this case, you can directly enable CTI mode on Linkus Desktop Client.

If system administrator has registered your extension to the IP phone manually, you need to set the IP phone to be controllable as follows.

The following instructions take Snom D735 as an example to show how to enable CSTA control function.
  1. Log in to the phone web interface, go to Setup > Advanced > QoS/Security.
  2. In the Security section, enable the Allow CSTA Control.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click Apply.

Step 2. Enable CTI mode on Linkus Desktop Client

Change Linkus Desktop Client to CTI mode, so that you can use Linkus Desktop Client to manage phone calls on your IP phone.
  1. Log in to Linkus Desktop Client.
  2. At the top-right corner, click , then select the connected Snom IP phone from the drop-down list.


You can do the following operations on the connected Snom IP phone from Linkus Desktop Client:

  • Make/End a call
  • Make a second call
  • Answer/Reject a call
  • Record a call
  • Transfer a call (attended transfer and blind transfer)
  • Hold/Resume a call
  • Swap hold