GSM/3G/4G LTE Trunk Settings

This topic describes all the settings on an GSM/3G/4G LTE trunk for reference.

Basic settings

Setting Description
Name Give this trunk a name to help you identify it.
PIN Code Enter the SIM card PIN code if the card has one.
Note: If you fail to enter your correct PIN code for 3 times in succession, the SIM card will be permanently locked, which means you will need a new SIM card.
RX Volume Set the receiving volume of GSM/3G/4G LTE port or select Custom to define the RX Gain.
TX Volume Set the transmitting volume of GSM/3G/4G LTE port or select Custom to define the TX Gain.
Echo Cancellation Enable or disable echo cancellation.

DID Name

DID Name is used to identify which telephone number was dialed. When an inbound call reaches the trunk, the name will be displayed on the called party's device.
Inbound to Outbound Number This setting is typically for Inbound Route to Outbound Route feature.

If you wish the inbound call through this trunk to be redirected via an outbound route, enter the destination number in this field.

Carrier Settings
Setting Description

Select the carrier mode.

Note: When the trunk is in unregistered status, you can try to manually select the correct carrier to fix the issue.
  • Automatic: The system will detect the SIM card and select a carrier automatically.
  • Manual: Select a carrier from the available carrier that the system provided.

Inbound Caller ID Reformatting

When a user calls in the PBX, the trunk provider may send a caller ID that is inconvenient for you to redial directly.

In this case, you can reformat inbound caller ID based on a trunk. The caller ID will be reformatted before it is sent to the called party.

For more information, see Reformat Inbound Caller ID based on a Trunk.