Which audio codec does Linkus support?

Linkus supports the following codecs:
  • u-law
  • a-law
  • iLBC
  • G722
  • G729
By default, Linkus uses iLBC codec. To use another codec, see the followings:
  • Both PBX Server and Linkus Client meet the following requirements:
    Table 1.
    Platform Version Requirement
    PBX Server S-Series VoIP PBX or later
    K2 IPPBX or later
    Cloud PBX or later
    Linkus Client Linkus iOS Client 4.1.2 or later
    Linkus Android Client 4.1.7 or later
    Linkus Windows Desktop 2.7.8 or later
    Linkus Mac Desktop 2.7.8 or later
  • The codec to be used is enabled on both PBX Server and Linkus Client.
    • PBX Server: Settings > General > SIP > Codec
    • Linkus Lite: Settings > Advanced > Codec
    • Linkus Mobile Client: Settings > Audio Options > Codec