What is the difference between CTI mode and Softphone mode?

Softphone mode
For users who don't have deskphones in the office, they can set Linkus to Softphone mode.
With the softphone feature, users can make and receive calls directly from computer without a need for a physical desk phone.
CTI mode
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) links computer system with telephone system, and allows users to manage phone calls from a computer.
For users who are used to handing calls on deskphones, they can set Linkus to CTI mode. With the CTI feature, users can achieve the followings:
  • Convenient call operations: Easy click on Linkus to manage calls without the need to manually enter a phone number.
  • Rich contacts repository: The integrated Linkus Directory, Select & Dial with Hotkey feature, and Yeastar Click-to-Call allow users to conveniently obtain the desired phone number and quickly start dialing.